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ATDR Nume: Asociatia Tineret si Dezvoltare Regionala
Descriere:ATDR are experienta in domeniile: - promovarea dezvoltarii durabile si egalitatea de sanse a tuturor cetatenilor cu accent pe generatia tinara: - folosirea medodelor inovative cum ar fi tehnica animatiei culturale, tetrul forumul, etc. pentru promovarea intereselor tinerilor si a principiilor dezvoltarii durabile; - întarirea participarii civice a tinerilor si munca pe principii de dezvoltare sustinuta, integrare regionala, diversitate culturala şi incluziune sociala catre o adevarata cetatenie locala si europeana; - promovarea tinerilor şi stimularea vietii asociative printre tinerii la nivel local şi regional; - promovarea şi marirea dialogului între structurile de tineret şi institutiile guvernamentale; - promovarea activitatilor antreprenoriale în rândul tinerilor; - încurajarea cooperarii internationale ca mijloc de întarire a rolului tinerilor în societate. - organizarea de programe de instruire pentru tineri.
Date de contact: Targu- Jiu, Jud.GORJ, ROMANIA
Tel. +4 0729 941 127
Web site:

CRJ Nume: Centrul de Resurse Juridice
Descriere: Centrul de Resurse Juridice actionează pentru crearea si functionarea unui cadru legal si institutional, care să asigure respectarea drepturilor omului si a egalitătii de sanse, pentru accesul liber la un act de justitie echitabil si care contribuie la punerea în valoare a expertizei juridice în interesul tuturor persoanelor.
Date de contact: Str. Arcului nr. 19, Sector 2, Cod 021032, Bucuresti
+40 21 212 06 90
         +40 21 212 05 20
Fax: +40 21 212 05 19
Web site:

Descriere: The association ASMOUNE involved in the Region of Languedoc Roussillon in actions of language assessment, support of unemployed, skills assessment, development of experimental approaches to integrated planning for seasonal migrant workers in arboriculture. Its teaching staff and logistics consists of 16 consultants, trainers of various skills. His areas of expertise lie in engineering projects, construction of innovative responses to issues of training and integration and inclusion of discrimination. ASMOUNE is the developer of management software term AVEC  The association brings her expertise to the project through its expertise and experience of accompanying public needs and its commitment to European projects.
Asmoune develop activities to support the unemployed who are beneficieries  of RSA with theater initiatives that engage participants in activities of self-evaluation and group dynamics that promote the conditons for the return to employment.
Date de contact: FR81 - Languedoc-Roussillon, FR - FRANCE
Fax: 0467186369
Web site:
E-mail: Nume: Stichting ACCU
Descriere: ACCU stands for Art, Community & Culture. ACCU works with theatre makers, performing artists and musicians under coordination from Jos Zandvliet and Septimia Kuhlmann for a wide range of community art projects.
We make unique theatrical and musically happenings where the people of one or multiple communities are the starting point for an artistic process in which the participants work together to creating a spectacular presentation. We work with all cultures, people from all backgrounds and religions, immigrant or social excluded as well as diabled or prisoners.
In different cities there are new residential facilities for (ex) roof - and homeless. Together with the new inhabitants and their direct neighbours we make plays and concerts in honour of the opening.
Date de contact: 3e Wittenburgerdwarsstraat 3B, 1018 KR, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Web site: